Looking for a custom home built in the Plainiew, MN area? Brent McNallan Construction can help you bring your dream design to life!

New construction in Minnesota

Whether you're looking for an upgrade for your home or you're a commercial property owner in need of an updated space, Brent McNallan Construction has the expertise to handle your project.

Residential and commercial construction projects by Brent McNallan Construction LLC

Brent McNallan Construction has built everything from pole barns to livestock structures. We work with the highest quality material so that your building will stand the test of time, no matter what the need.


Brent McNallan Construction is hands-on, attentive and experienced. They take the time to learn what they needs to know about you and your ideas for your property. From conception to completion, Brent McNallan Construction will walk you through every step of your project to bring your vision to life. They'll build, install and repair everything themselves with precision and care.

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You won't be limited to stock plans or one-size-fits-all designs when you rely on our services for a new home construction. Whatever ideas you have for your home or business, Brent McNallan Construction will do what it takes to make them a reality. They're experienced in:

And that's just the beginning! With Brent McNallan Construction on the job, the possibilities for your property improvements are endless.

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Why choose our company over the competition?

While there's safety in numbers, there can also be complications. But with Brent McNallan Construction, LLC, there's no middleman involved. You'll be able to put faces to names and get to work with people you can build a relationship with.

Brent McNallan Construction can get all the building permits, and they knows what it takes to meet and exceed standard building codes. They'll also communicate with you every step of the way to make sure you're satisfied with their services. With Brent McNallan Construction, LLC on the job, you'll have a reliable company who won't let you down.

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